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Agricultural Safety Training

Agriculture is a wide-ranging, multifaceted industry that poses numerous hazards to employees. If you run an agribusiness operation, protecting your workers is a top priority. Safety Made Simple offers a variety of training programs to help keep your team safe. Our goal is to provide relevant, easy-to-apply information to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries. 

Grain Entrapment and Engulfment - partial course

About Our Agriculture Safety and Health Resources

We provide access to an assortment of interactive online programs covering the agriculture safety hazards that impact your business. Examples from our extensive course catalog include:

  • Pesticide Safety: Many common pesticides used in farming operations pose a significant risk to workers. Our online training session covers best practices for handling and storing these products. It also addresses the symptoms of pesticide poisoning and how your workers can protect themselves. 

  • Applicator Safety in the Field: This informative 20-minute online session discusses safe practices when using fertilizer and pesticide applicators. Topics include using personal protective equipment (PPE), responding to spills, and implementing appropriate hygiene procedures. 

  • Tractor Safety: Our interactive online program shows you how to apply safe tractor operator practices, how to prevent rollovers and runovers and the importance of pre-use inspections.

  • Heat Safety: Working in the heat is the standard operating procedure in many agribusiness applications. Use this Safety Made Simple course to learn more about the dangers of heat and the appropriate precautions for staying safe.

  • Implements of Agriculture: Farmers and retail agronomy workers rely on fertilizer spreaders, liquid fertilizer tenders, planting equipment, and other implements. By the end of this course, you'll know how to use and transport this machinery safely. 

Courses are available that provide training on other pertinent agricultural safety topics like tractor safety, grain entrapment and engulfment, grain dust explosions, anhydrous ammonia use and transportation, EPA Worker Protection Standard, all-terrain vehicles, machine guarding, applicator safety, fumigation hazards and retail facility security.

What Is Agricultural Industry Safety Training?

While most farming operations take safety seriously, it's easy to overlook many potential hazards. Our goal is to provide training that fills the gaps in workers' knowledge and increases their awareness of the potential dangers. They'll be able to take proactive steps to protect themselves and their co-workers. 

How Do You Provide Farm Safety Training?

Our online courses are different from standard agricultural safety training videos. They require the learner to participate via interactive exercises and activities. This methodology makes the process more engaging and enjoyable. It also allows workers to participate in the training whenever and wherever it's convenient via any internet-connected computer or mobile device. 

Why Choose Safety Made Simple?

At Safety Made Simple, we have a dedicated team that strives to serve our course users with integrity, transparency, accountability, excellence and the Golden Rule. Industry-specific safety experts develop all our programs, ensuring they deliver information that matters to your business. They share our goal of providing useful guidance to help your people complete their work and get home safely. 

Learn More About Our Agriculture Safety Programs

Take the next step to enhancing safety for your agricultural workforce. Contact us today for more information about these or any of our industry safety sessions. You can also take a trial course or schedule a convenient demo.

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