Safety Made Simple Course List

12 to 20 minute courses, reinforced with Knowledge Checks and Exams


    * available in both English and Spanish

* Beginner's Guide

* Management SMS Orientation: Success Is Up To


Anhydrous Ammonia: General Awareness   

  Anhydrous Ammonia: Use and Transportation in       


* Arc Flash Hazards: Basic Awareness

   Barge Safety: All Hands and Feet on Deck

* Bloodborne Pathogens

* Buried in Grain: Entrapment and Engulfment


* Confined Spaces: A Bad Air Event

* Fall Protection: Introduction to Fall Arrest and


* First Aid Basics

  Fumigation Hazards

* Grain Dust Explosions: The Chain Reaction

* Grain Dust Explosions: Preventing Dust Explosions

* Hand and Portable Power Tools

* Hazard Communication: Safety Data Sheets

  Hazardous Atmospheres in Confined Spaces

  Hearing Protection: What Did You Say?

*Heat Safety: Avoid the Stress

  Hoists and Rigging

*Hot Work: Preventing Catastrophe

*It Was A Good Friday: Grain Entrapment and


* Lockout Tagout:  When In Doubt, Lock and Tag It


* Machine Guarding

* Moving Vehicle Safety

* Near Miss Reporting: Don’t Miss an Opportunity

* Oxy-Fuel Welding and Cutting

* Particulate Respirators: Dust Masks

* Permit Required Confined Space Entry: The Basics

   Permit Required Confined Spaces: Atmospheric

       Monitoring and Ventilation

   Pesticide Safety                

   Pesticide Repackaging  

* Portable Ladders

* PPE Basics

   Railcar Fall Protection: Fixed Systems

* Safe Entry: Grain Storage Structures

* Safe Lifting: Preventing Back Injuries   

* Sweep Auger Safety

   The Worker Protection Standard

* Three Point Rule: Preventing Slips and Falls

* Truck Dump Safety

*  Walking and Working Surfaces: Preventing Slips, Trips

      & Falls

*  Winter Weather Safety


* Feedyard Safety Orientation: The Critical First


* Cowboy Safety: Horses and Pen Conditions

* Low-Stress Cattle Handling: The Basics

* Low-Stress Cattle Handling: Receiving and Initial


* Low-Stress Cattle Handling: Acclimation  Manejo

      Calmado de Ganado: Aclimatación

* Low-Stress Cattle Handling: Pen Checking

* Low Stress Cattle Handling-Pulling Singles - Sacando

      Ganado-Un Solo Animal

Human Resources  

* Active Shooter

*Enhancing Work Relationships  

* Ethical Behavior in the Workplace

* Generational Differences   

  Managing Risk in an Aging Workforce

* Reasonable Suspicion Awareness

  Sexual Harassment Awareness for Employees

* Transitioning from Peer to Supervisor  

  Violence in the Workplace

  Workplace Anger           


DOT, Driver and Mobile Equipment

  Aerial Lifts 

  Defensive Driving for Commercial Drivers

* Emergency Response Guidebook (ERG)  

* Fork Lift Safety 

  Front-End Loaders 

* Hazmat for Commercial Drivers

* Load Securement

  Pre and Post Trip Equipment Inspections

* Rail Safety: The Basics

* Rail Safety: Operations

  Roadside Safety

  Skid Steer Loaders   

  Tanker Operations   

* Towing Equipment


Food Safety 

  HACCP: The Basics

* Good Manufacturing Practices: The Basics

  Sanitation and Pest Control: The Basics

  Traceability and Recall