Safety Made Simple Course List

Courses Releasing in 2019


Cold Weather Safety

Forklift Safety

Applicator Safety

Fixed and Portable Ladders

Fire Prevention/Extinguishers

Manlift Safety

Fuel Delivery

Housekeeping (Grain)

Scaffolding Safety

Defensive Driving

Basic Electrical Safety

Emergency Egress and Response

Oxy-Fuel Cutting


Feedyard Safety Orientation

Low-Stress Cattle Handling: The Basics

Low-Stress Cattle Handling: Acclimation

Low-Stress Cattle Handling: Pulling Singles

Low-Stress Cattle Handling: Pen Emptying

Low-Stress Cattle Handling: Reprocessing

Low-Stress Cattle Handling: Shipping

Confined Spaces: How Not To Die From Bad Air

Cowboy Safety: Horses & Pen Conditions

Cowboy Safety: Cattle Movement

Lockout / Tagout #1: The Basics

Lockout / Tagout #2: It's Not Just About Electricity

Lockout / Tagout #3: Making Critical Procedures a Habit

Am I The Next Accident?

Feedyard Driving Safety

Human Resources

Active Shooter

Dealing with Angry Employees

Disciplinary Action and Procedures

Supervisor Skills 101

Supervisor Skills 201

Transition from Peer to Supervisor

Developing Effective Communication Skills

Goal Setting Skills

Time Management Skills

Currently Available Courses

Ag - Grain, Agronomy, Feed/Food & Transportation

SMS000 - Management SMS Orientation - Success Is Up To You

SMS007 - Pesticide Safety

SMS009 - Moving Vehicle Safety

SMS010 - Skid Steer Loader Safety

SMS011 - Walking and Working Surfaces: Preventing Slips, Trips and


SMS012 - Permit Required Confined Spaces: Atmospheric Monitoring

                and Ventilation

SMS013 - Hazardous Atmospheres in Confined Spaces

SMS014 - Permit Required Confined Space Entry: The Basics

SMS016 - PPE Basics

SMS017 - Truck Dump Safety

SMS020 - Fall Protection: Introduction to Fall Arrest and Restraint

SMS021 - Buried in Grain: Grain Entrapment and Engulfment

SMS022 - Towing Equipment

SMS024 - Heat Safety: Avoid the Stress

SMS025 - Safe Entry: Grain Storage Structures

SMS027 -  It Was a Good Friday: Grain Entrapment and Engulfment

SMS028 - Three Point Rule: Preventing Slips and Falls

SMS029 - Hearing Protection: What Did You Say

SMS030 - Machine Guarding

SMS034 - Rail Safety Basics

SMS035 - Defensive Driving for Commercial Drivers

SMS036 - Anhydrous Ammonia: General Awareness

SMS037 - Particulate Respirators: Dust Masks

SMS038 - Lockout Tagout: When In Doubt, Lock and Tag It Out

SMS039 - Hot Work: Preventing Catastrophe

SMS040 - Grain Dust Explosions: The Chain Reaction

SMS041 - Grain Dust Explosions: Preventing Dust Explosions

SMS042 - Pre and Post Trip Equipment Inspections

SMS043 - Anhydrous Ammonia: Use and Transportation in Agriculture

SMS044 - Railcar Fall Protection: Fixed Systems

SMS045 - Sweep Auger Safety

SMS046 - Arc Flash Hazards: Basic Awareness

SMS047 - Pesticide Repackaging

SMS050 - HACCP: The Basics

SMS051 - The Worker Protection Standard

SMS052 - Front-End Loaders

SMS053 - Aerial Lifts

SMS054 - Barge Safety: All Hands and Feet on Deck

SMS055 - Hoists and Rigging

SMS056 - Fumigation Hazards

SMS057 - Hand Portable Power Tools

SMS058 - Sanitation and Pest Control: The Basics

SMS059 - Good Manufacturing Practices: The Basics

SMS060 - Tanker Operations

SMS061 - HazMat for Commercial Drivers

SMS062 - Rail Safety: Operations

SMS064 - Roadside Safety

SMS067 - Traceability and Recall


SMS202 - Low-Stress Cattle Handling: Receiving and Initial Processing

SMS204 - Low-Stress Cattle Handling: Pen Checking

Human Resources

SMS005 - Violence in the Workplace

SMS006 - Generational Differences

SMS008 - Ergonomics

SMS015 - Near Miss Reporting: Don’t Miss an Opportunity

SMS018 - Enhancing Work Relationships

SMS019 - Managing Risk in an Aging Workforce

SMS023 - Bloodborne Pathogens

SMS026 - Sexual Harassment for Managers

SMS031 - Ethical Behavior

SMS032 - Workplace Anger

SMS033 - Sexual Harassment for Employees

SMS048 - Safe Lifting: Preventing Back Injuries

SMS049 - First Aid Basics

SMS063 - Reasonable Suspicion Awareness

SMS065 - Substance Abuse Awareness for Employees

SMS066 - Substance Abuse Awareness for Supervisors