Grain & Agronomy

Our grain and agronomy specific safety training was developed with one purpose: to prevent accidents and save lives. This powerfully simple, effective, no-nonsense approach to accident prevention was developed by Safety Made Simple’s founder, Chuck Pirie and grain handling safety expert, Joe Mlynek. These two team members have over 45 years of experience in the agricultural industry. Training that prevents injuries where we know accidents occur; this is Safety Made Simple.

Available topics:

  • Grain Entrapment/Engulfment

  • Entry into Grain Storage Structures

  • Preventing Grain Dust Explosions

  • Grain Fumigation Safety

  • Truck Dump Safety

  • Grain Barge Loading

  • Sweep Augers

  • Rail Safety

  • Anhydrous Ammonia

  • Pesticide Safety

  • Pesticide Repackaging

  • Driver Safety

Grain Entrapment and Engulfment - partial course