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Grain Handling Safety Training Program

Do your agricultural operations engage in grain handling? You probably know that some aspects of grain-related tasks can create hazardous working conditions for your employees.

Safety Made Simple can help by offering various grain handling training courses focusing on workplace safety. 

About Our Grain Handling Safety Programs

At Safety Made Simple, we provide industry-specific training courses that teach workers how to develop and maintain a safety mindset. Our grain-related courses include:

  • Buried in Grain: Grain Entrapment and Engulfment: Becoming entrapped or engulfed in grain can seriously injure or kill agricultural workers. This online training program helps identify the most common causes of entrapment and engulfment and the challenges of rescuing engulfed workers. 

  • Safe Entry: Grain Storage Structures: Entering a grain storage facility can present risks of entrapment, engulfment, and suffocation. Our program enables workers to identify the hazards. It also discusses the appropriate practices to ensure safe entry and the roles of each worker inside and outside a grain storage structure. 

  • It Was a Good Friday: Grain Entrapment and Engulfment: This online training course provides a real-life example of what can happen when workers deviate from safe grain storage entry procedures. 

  • Grain Dust Explosions: The Chain Reaction: Grain dust can be explosive under certain conditions. Use this instructive course to understand the elements that can fuel a grain dust explosion and how to recognize and identify common ignition sources.

  • Grain Dust Explosions: Prevention: Grain dust explosions are preventable. Our 25-minute training session covers the steps you should take to minimize the risk.

  • Hazardous Grain Conditions: Engulfment: This online training program provides insight into potentially dangerous grain conditions, including poor product quality, that can lead to grain engulfment.


We also offer courses on pertinent agricultural safety topics that extend beyond grain handling systems. Examples include pesticide safety, implements of agriculture, sweep auger safety, belt conveyor safety, anhydrous ammonia, tractor safety, all-terrain vehicles, and personal protective equipment (PPE) safety. 

What Is Grain Handling Safety?

Knowledge of safe grain handling and storage practices is crucial for preventing catastrophic incidents. Industry-specific training programs, such as those offered by Safe Made Simple, provide the information employees need to protect themselves and their co-workers. These programs also enable management personnel to understand what it takes to create a less hazardous work environment for their teams. 

How Do You Provide Grain Handling Safety Training?

Our online format can provide superior results compared to other instructional methods. We use easy-to-follow exercises and other interactive tools to engage learners and promote a more effective learning experience. Your team members can participate in the training whenever their schedules allow via a computer, smartphone or tablet. 

Why Choose Safety Made Simple?

Our training programs feature the expertise of safety professionals with specific knowledge and insight regarding your industry. Your employees will receive relevant information they can apply to their unique workplace environments. You'll receive service from a dedicated team that shares your goal of getting your workers home safely.

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