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This is the story of how Safety Made Simple came to be — it is the personal story of our founder, Chuck Pirie. In order to understand our vision and mission, it is helpful to explain how it all started. The following is a very condensed version of the story—if you wish to learn more, contact Chuck and he will gladly share it with you.

From Chuck:

During many years as a safety consultant I realized that most people make things way too difficult, and conversely, that most things are much simpler than what people tend to make them. This fundamental belief is at the core of how I approach and share my passion for safety; with the belief that safety success is best achieved when there is a simple and clear message. I noticed that my most successful clients had a simple truth; their leaders really cared for the safety of their people, and that a genuine and sincere desire for their safety was the driving force behind their safety efforts. With this heart held belief, their commitment and interest in safety was understood by all employees, and this clarity paved the way to their safety success every time. It was that simple.


Being able to demonstrate the “simple” message in safety training is what Safety Made Simple is about. The goal of everyone at Safety Made Simple is to share “the simple message” in our training, and in everything that we do. I hope that you find that “simple” is a message that works for you.


“Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working

for the Lord rather than for people."

—Colossians 3:23




Chuck Pirie, Founder

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