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Human Resource Training Courses

Companies and business operations of all types and sizes can experience conflicts between employees. Safety Made Simple offers human resources training programs that help establish a safer, more collaborative and inclusive workforce focusing on communication and trust. Through these courses, you'll also learn how to detect and prevent potential issues in the early stages.


About Our Courses

Our online courses provide insight into the issues impacting your organization. Examples from our extensive course catalog include:

  • Active Shooter: Our active shooter training course covers the best practices for responding to these potentially life-threatening incidents. You'll also learn how to react when law enforcement personnel arrive on the scene.

  • Reasonable Suspicion Awareness: Reasonable suspicion training helps you recognize the warning signs of substance use and other issues. Discover the best ways to approach your employees and handle these challenging situations.

  • Sexual Harassment Training: Our sexual harassment training courses for managers and employees enable viewers to identify behaviors that contribute to a hostile work environment and learn best practices for preventing and responding to them.

  • Managing Risk in an Aging Workforce: This course helps you recognize the common myths and misconceptions about older workers and identify the benefits they bring to the workforce.

  • Ethical Behavior in the Workplace: Use the information from this course to develop a moral, honest culture that fosters trust and allows workers to perform at their best.

Other HR training course topics include workplace violence, generational differences, improving relationships and managing workplace anger.

What Is HR Training?

Human resource training optimizes employee performance and teaches employees how to deal with unique and sometimes hazardous situations, improve workplace relationships, optimize employee performance, and stay compliant with state and federal regulations. 

How Do You Give Safety Training?

The online format works well with human resource training for several reasons. It allows for visual presentations that support key points, making them easier to understand. Workers can view the videos whenever and wherever it's convenient, eliminating the need to schedule large group meetings. Companies can also track who has watched the videos, which is important for monitoring and reporting purposes.

Why Choose Safety Made Simple?

At Safety Made Simple, we specialize in developing targeted training programs for many industries, including agriculture. Our courses are developed by professionals who understand the challenges organizations like yours face when establishing a safe, inclusive and more productive work environment. Our goal is to help you protect and promote the health and well-being of your most important assets — your employees.

Learn More About Our HR Compliance Training Courses

Discover all the benefits of incorporating Safety Made Simple courses into your human resources training initiatives. Contact us to request additional information today. You can also schedule a demo or take a trial course to get firsthand experience with our programs.

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