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Occupational Health and Safety Training

The agriculture industry often entails working with potentially dangerous equipment in demanding environments. Safety Made Simple offers an assortment of informative workplace safety training courses to help you reduce on-the-job accidents and injuries. Our courses are created by safety experts who understand your business's unique challenges and how to overcome them.


About Our Occupational Health and Safety Courses

Our online safety training for employees and supervisors covers a range of topics that impact your daily business operations. Examples from our course catalog include:

  • Moving Vehicle Safety: Many agriculture and construction sites contain trucks and mobile machinery that create hazards for workers. This course aims to help you identify the risks and apply appropriate safety practices to mitigate them.

  • Pesticide Safety: Discover safe handling and storage practices of bulk and packaged pesticides. Learn how to identify pesticide poisoning and the steps for protecting workers from its dangers.

  • Fall Protection: Introduction to Fall Arrest and Restraint: Do some of your jobs require working at heights? This course covers the basics of fall protection equipment, including when and how to use it.

  • Buried in Grain: Grain Entrapment and Engulfment: This important occupational safety training course identifies the three most common ways workers can become trapped in flowing grain and the challenges crews face when attempting to extract them.

  • Machine Guarding: Learn about the typical hazards of working with machinery and the best machine guards for preventing injuries. Discover how to apply best practices for mitigating the risk. 

You'll also find courses covering the relationship and behavioral aspects of the work environment, including pertinent topics like sexual harassment, workplace violence and substance use awareness.

What Is Occupational Safety Training?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported approximately 2.6 million workplace-related accidents and illnesses in the private industry in 2021. Safety training is essential for preventing these incidents, especially in more hazardous environments. It provides your employees with invaluable knowledge that helps them proactively protect themselves and their co-workers. 

How Do You Give Safety Training?

Our online courses provide an effective training solution for businesses like yours. Employees can complete courses remotely via their mobile devices, making this training ideal for operations with many field workers. The robust tracking and reporting features make it easier for employers to monitor participation, ensuring all workers get the information they need to stay safe on the job. 

Why Choose Safety Made Simple?

The quality of our programs and our commitment to creating safer work environments make Safety Made Simple one of the top online safety companies for the agriculture industry. Our goal is simple. We want to deliver convenient, informative, easy-to-use solutions that reduce hazards in your workplace and help protect your most valuable assets — your employees.

Learn More About Our Workplace Safety Training Videos

Take the next step toward creating a safer and more productive work environment. Contact Safety Made Simple to request more information about our training courses today. You can also take a trial course or schedule a demo.

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