Safety Made Simple - Take 5's

Five Minute Toolbox Talks



Aerial Lifts

Angle of Repose

Barricade Tape

Compressed Air Hazards

Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage/Transportation

Confined Space Atmospheric Monitoring

Confined Space Entry - Ventilation

Conveyor Hazards

Dangerous Wind Chill

Distracted Driving

Ergonomics for Office Workers

Fire Extinguishers - Location, Inspection, Operation

Flammable Clothing

Front-End Loader Blind Spots

Hazard Identification

Head Related Illnesses

High Visibility Clothing

Hypothermia – Recognition and Prevention

Inspecting Fall Protection Harnesses

Lockout Tagout - Entry into Bins, Silos, and Tanks

Machine Guarding

Moving Vehicle Safety - Spotters

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Oxygen Deficiency

Permit Required Confined Space - Attendant Responsibilities

Permit Required Confined Space - The Entrant

Permit Required Confined Space - Entry Supervisor

Portable GFCI

Portable Ladder Safety

Power Tool Safety

Rail Safety - Common Hazards

Safe Lifting

Severe Weather

Severe Weather - Tornadoes

Skid Steer Loaders - Crushing Injuries

Towing Hitches and Ball Mounts

Truck Dump Safety


Every month, Safety Made Simple releases a new Take 5 message that can be shared in a quick five minute safety talk with your people.