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Take 5 Library
These Take 5 "Toolbox Talks" are provided as a courtesy to our clients.


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Gasoline Storage Containers

Propane Cylinder Storage

Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators

Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage Transport

Power Tool - Control Switches

Safe Lifting - Prevent Back Injuries

Portable Hand Grinder Safety

Towing Hitches and Ball Mounts

Barricade Tape

Hazard Identification

Housekeeping - Grain Dust Explosions

Caged Manlift Safety

Dangerous Wind Chill

High Visibility Clothing

Hypothermia Recognition and Prevention

Supported Scaffolds

Angle of Repose

Heat Related Illness

Hand Operated Portable Equipment and Combustible Dust

Severe Weather - Tornadoes

Ergonomics for Office Workers

Moving Vehicle Safety - Spotters

Safe Shoveling

Compressed Air Hazards

Dressing for the Cold

Worker Fatigue - Fill Your Bucket

Lockout Tagout – Protective Materials and Hardware

Stop the Drop - Falling Object Protection

Railcar Fall Protection

Fire Extinguishers Location Inspection Operation

Permit Required Confined Space The Entrant

Inspecting Fall Protection Harnesses

Grain Dust No Smoking

Machine Guarding

Portable Ladder Safety

Permit Required Confined Space Attendant

Power Line Safety

Grain Engulfment Forces

Exit Routes

The ABC’s of Personal Fall Arrest

Confined Space Entry - Ventilation

Emergency Showers and Eyewash Stations

Power Tool Safety

Extension Cord Safety

Conveyor Hazards

Working Safely Around Belt Conveyors

Portable Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters

Winter Safety - Slips and Falls

Confined Space Atmospheric Monitoring

Oxyfuel Safety - Flashback Arrestors

Aerial Lifts

Heat Related Illnesses – Water, Rest, Shade

Noise Induced Hearing Lose

Engulfment – Bridging Grain

Rail Safety - Common Hazards

Distracted Driving

Winter Driving – Black Ice, Snow, and Freezing Rain

High Wind Dangers

Front-End Loader Blind Spots

Electrical Panel Safety

Severe Weather

Tornado Preparedness and Response

Road Safety – Farm Equipment

Driving While Distracted

Angle Grinder Safety

First Aid Kits

Oxygen Deficiency

Truck Dump Safety

Forklift Operations

Lockout Tagout - Entry into Bins, Silos, and Tanks

Flammable Clothing

Grain Fumigant Hazards

Active Shooter Incidents – Run, Hide, Fight

Fall Protection- Body Harness Classifications

Line of Fire Hazards

Grain Dryer Fires

Chemical Resistant Gloves

Skid-Steer Loaders - "Crushing Injuries"

Implements of Agriculture – Towed Equipment

Compressed Gas Cylinder Inspection

Permit Required Confined Space Entry Supervisor

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