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Commercial Driver Safety Training

Many farming operations have trucks on the road for extended time frames. Truck drivers and operators of other types of commercial vehicles face numerous hazards while navigating the highways. Safety Made Simple offers an assortment of transportation training program offerings designed to promote safety when hauling heavy or potentially dangerous loads.


About Our CDL Safety Training Programs

Our course catalog consists of online courses covering commercial motor vehicle driving safety topics that impact your industry. Leading safety experts have developed our programs to deliver relevant information that matters to your business.

Examples of courses from our catalog include:

  • Hazmat for Commercial Drivers: Learn how to apply safe practices when hauling hazardous or toxic materials. Discover the importance of conducting thorough inspections before and after the trip and ensuring you have all essential documentation in order. 

  • Defensive Driving for Commercial Drivers: This course instructs drivers on how to develop a safety-conscious mindset while on the road. Learn how to prevent accidents and understand the consequences of driving while distracted.

  • Roadside Safety: Mechanical failures and crashes pose a constant risk for commercial drivers that spend long hours on the road. This course provides valuable insight into safe practices if your truck breaks down or if you are involved in an accident.

  • Load Securement: This course reviews the best practices for securing loads, including using the right equipment to perform the task. The course also touches on the various safety regulations that apply to the process.

  • Substance Abuse for the Commercial Driver: Learn about the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol and the five classes of substances impacted by mandatory Department of Transportation (DOT) testing.

What Is Transportation Safety Training?

Federal regulations regarding safe driving practices and the transportation of hazardous materials are in place. These regulations and the increasing number of larger vehicles on the highways make safety training more important than ever.

Our programs ensure that drivers and fleet managers know what it takes to stay safe and legal while on the road. Businesses can gain peace of mind knowing they're doing everything possible to protect the public, their drivers, and follow the rules.

How Do You Give Safety Training?

Most people carry smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices with them wherever they go. Our online courses enable truckers and other transportation professionals to access training resources when it's convenient. You won't have to pull workers off the road for in-person safety meetings, saving time and money.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Fleet Safety Training?

At Safety Made Simple, our goal is to ensure your workers return home safely every day. Our expansive course library enables you to build a custom training program that addresses your company's most daunting safety challenges. We pledge to serve your company with integrity, excellence, accountability and transparency throughout our partnership.

Learn More About Commercial Driver Safety Training

Experience the advantages of CDL safety training from Safety Made Simple. Contact us for more information today. You can also schedule a demo or request a trial course.

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